Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management

We can combine all of our services for your comprehensive project needs. Start to finish, one solution provider.

When we combine all of our services into one EPCM project, what you will get is a streamlined project experience. With all phases of the project being under one roof, we have the agility and responsiveness to complete your project on time and within budget. We offer the advantage of dealing with a single party, and not multiple contracts and plans. We are one cohesive unit working on one priority – yours.

Our skilled team has the expertise to work with you on your every need, throughout every phase of the project. For projects big or small, let us be your one-stop shop. Advantages that Unified Theory provides are:

  • Full design-build solutions.
  • Single resource responsibility for your project’s outcome, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple firms.
  • Our team all being under one roof allows us to have a faster response time to your questions and needs.

To learn more about what advantages we can offer, please Contact Us and find out how we can improve your project experience.